Amy Cox


Brief: How can we make the public Library more popular?


Public Libraries benefit society. Library use is positively associated with improved mental health and community involvement. 

Despite this, in the UK the public library is severely under threat. Over the last 6 years around a quarter of libraries have closed. The libraries that have stayed open are out-dated and public usage is significantly decreasing.

I created  & Library, the de-centralised public library system. Instead of one library in a town there would be smaller libraries across a neighbourhood. These new libraries would be placed in in cafes, pubs, museums and on public transport. The section of books chosen is relevant to the place, for example - fiction in a café, art books at the gallery and sporting books at gyms. People who wouldn’t usually go to the library would come across new books as part of their normal routine. The &Library app would be used to keep track of where all the books are. People can search by genres and read reviews to find their new book. Once they’ve picked a book they can reserve it from their local &library and take it out using their contactless library card.

Also, to engage a wider audience &Library would partner with Netflix. Netflix would give personalised book recommendations with the option of reserving it locally. & Library is a new, exciting service to engage a wider audience in reading by invigorating the public library.

Many thanks to Theo Hallas for the bespoke background music.