Amy Cox


Brief: Create a set of illustrations for a campaign which celebrates the essence of a city



Barcelona is a beautiful city all-year-round, yet it is overcrowded with tourists in the summer.

This leads to high prices and congestion for travellers and worsens the relationship between locals and tourists. I decided to create illustrations which would be part of a larger campaign with Hotel Indigo to help reduce over crowding in Barcelona. My illustrations celebrate Barcelona as a city with no ‘off-season’ and encourage Hotel Indigo’s adventurous audience to explore Barcelona during all seasons. I created illustrations of the Sagrada Família and people throughout a year. This show the exciting range of possibilities and activities that there are in Barcelona without being restricted to a summer beach holiday.

These illustrations would be used in articles promoting Barcelona as a year-round vibrant destination. They would also be used  a on set of celebratory Spanish stamps. Travellers can then share the designs with their friends through letters and postcards.